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Your company’s website needs protection just the same as your home PC does. In today's day and age your website's security cannot be treated as a luxury or an afterthought. As more businesses move online, ensuring that your website is secure and always available to your customers is an essential part of doing business.

Every single day, about 40,000+ websites are hacked, completely taken down, or exploited. These attacks come in all shapes and sizes and they often spell financial trouble for companies that are targeted. These attacks can also have negative affects on your clients computer systems.

Notable Web can assist you in the recovery of your website after it has been hacked. We can also do a complete audit of your website to find any issues to help prevent future attacks. We will also make recommendations and implement proper security protocols to protect your website and protect your brand from attacks.

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  • Secure web hosting services
  • SSL certificates
  • Website backup and restoration solutions
  • Encrypted email solutions
  • Website vulnerability patching
  • Online secured forms
  • Protection against DDOS and other cyber threats
  • Removal of viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Website security scanning

When a website is using SSL protocol, you’ll see that the website is being served on a domain that starts with ‘https://’ instead of just ‘http://’. For anyone conducting business online, having an SSL certificate on your website is essential for exchanging potentially sensitive information.

Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) creates an encrypted link between a host & a client. To put this more simply, SSL creates a secure connection between your web server and the web browser.

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